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What we Do

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Web Design and Development. From a simple website with a few pages to complex E-Commerce shops with thousands of items and multiple payment systesms.

Digital Marketing Solutions

We combine Search Engine Optimization and Paid Marketing such as Google Adwords to maximize your online exposure and ROI. We love statistics and we simplify them for you.


When you work with us, it's a not a one time thing. We continue to support and grow together.

Our Expertise

Our small business SEO services focus on:  Developing an Local SEO strategy, Implementing the foundations of the plan, and focus on creating content that appeals to the target market.

Our WordPress expert team of Website Developers & Digital Strategists employ cutting-edge technology & best methods to create custom websites that boost your user engagement.

Brand Identity

A brand is what your consumers remember you by, it compels to the hearts of your clients and helps grow the brand market reach. Reputation management is a key factor for online success.

Our PPC advertising services allow companies to create ads and target specific clients to generate more leads and sales.


First impressions are crucial for any E-commerce website, exceed your online customer experience, and you’ll drastically increase your ROI.

Social Media

We help companies better utilize social media marketing for customer engagement. Social media and PR strategy for brands and corporations.

Best Michigan Internet Marketing

We’re here to help.



We focus on your business’ goals then we develop a marketing plan unique to your business.


We put the plan in motion and build your organizations digital marketing strategy.


We put the plan in motion and build your organizations digital marketing strategy. 

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How we got Started

I started AlbaTech as a hobby back in 2006, after I build a few websites for my friends and relatives. I enjoyed the process and seeing the finished products. 

My work has taken me to various places around the US and the World. I love helping small businesses build their online presence.

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Why Choose AlbaTech

We don’t just make fantastic looking sites; we create functional websites. Our work helps your business deliver your message clearly to your audience and engage them with your content.

We do not sell design; we lend a helping hand to small business owners. Growing your business is the center of our focus.


We incorporate the best aspects of medium and small boutique marketing agencies to create a unique ROI focused service for our clients.

Unlike cookie-cutter digital advertising agencies, we customize each client’s marketing strategy based on your business goals. Our prices are fair and lower than larger advertising companies, and you’ll get a dedicated project manager for your company.

At AlbaTech Services our goal is to become your online marketing department and work side by side with you.

We use the same world-class tools and poses the same diverse skill sets as any big internet marketing agency.

Often you are lured in by big brand agencies because of their flashy designs and “connections”. Beware though, you will not get the dedicated support you are seeking.

Big agencies have a classic bait-and-switch technique when it comes to smaller clients. They bring in the clients (you) and then they’ll have an intern doing all the work, which leads to mediocre marketing results.

Your brand is unique and deserves a dedicated team. With Albatech, you’ll have the same team from the beginning of the project all the way through its maturity.

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Local Marketing is vital for your business’ survival. 

Fun Fact, 46% of all searches on Google are local.

If you’re a local company and you don’t have all of your local marketing factors in order, you’ll be missing an opportunity every single time someone is searching for your services or products online.

And that’s a lot of opportunities you’re missing on!

Nearly 58% use their smartphones daily to search for a local business, and about 89% search once a week.

Internet Marketing Michigan

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing means marketing to people using Internet-connected devices. Such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. Digital marketing concentrates on channels such as search engines, social media, email, sites, and apps to get in touch with prospects and consumers.

What does a digital marketer do?

Digital marketing has actually evolved to the point where an immense selection of specialists seek advice from brand names to establish efficient techniques or implement programs. If you’re brand-new to digital marketing, or lack experience or resources, you should think about engaging a knowledgeable and versatile digital marketing expert.

Would my business take advantage of digital marketing?

Definitely. Though companies in numerous company categories continue to approach digital marketing with uncertainty, avoiding digital marketing rejects your organization access to the media the majority of consumers turn to first and at all hours of the day.

What's the most significant mistake digital marketers make?

Blowing their own horn. Yes, obviously, the main goal of marketing is to develop leads. However, in the age of online media a brand-centric, sales approach swerves interest in your business. Make your marketing customer-centric.

2nd biggest mistake: Far frequently, digital marketers start and stop. You want to provide a constant flow of material to the channels you use.

How often should I upgrade my website?

Websites that choose extended periods with no updates and new content are not likely to carry out well or support any useful digital marketing goals. Though a static site technically qualifies as a website it’s bound to be more than a digital pamphlet that produces little or no leads.

What do I need to learn about mobile?

Mobile phones are the most pre-owned innovation worldwide. Most of your prospects spend most of their media time– and hours– utilizing a smart device. Mobile marketing focuses on mobile techniques like messaging, mobile applications, and mobile sites. A brand that neglects mobile marketing is doomed.

What is content marketing?

Material marketing is the creation and circulation of instructional and/or entertaining info possessions for the function of producing brand name awareness, traffic, leads, and sales. Marketing content is typically complimentary and does not clearly promote your brand name as an ad would.

What's associated with creating a content marketing technique?

A content marketing technique is a prepare for building an audience. Components of material marketing method include developing objectives, audience personas, a worth proposition, material marketing mission declaration, a buyer journey map, and plans for producing, promoting and examining how content marketing properties and programs carry out.

Do I need a blog for my website?

Email, social media, search and other components of your digital marketing mix will depend upon delivering useful content. Though video outlets, podcasts, and media galleries offer other alternatives, a blog site is without a doubt the most secondhand method for dispersing marketing material on a channel over which you have total control.

What material should we produce?

There can be no comprehensive answer to this question except to say you ought to develop content buyers will find appropriate and useful. Leading candidates include blog posts, posts, ebooks, infographics, microsites, videos, courses, case research studies, newsletters, visuals and various types of interactive material.

How frequently should i publish post or create new material?

Initially comprehend this: search engines will find out to index your site as often as you release content. However, neither your audience or online search engine worth garbage content. The answer( s) to this concern is you ought to (1) create material as typically as you can create fantastic content, and (2) you need to consider your costs and ROI.

What's better, short or long-form material?

Hmm … a hotly disputed concern. I submit short-form material takes its rightful put on social networks channels where the audience is flying quick and taking in thousands of media. Long-form material tends to perform much better on search and offers your blog more compound to help establish your competence.


How do I get individuals to read our material?

Excellent headings are the secret to getting individuals to read, enjoy or listen to your material. Gradually, however, your reputation becomes an element too, so you require to construct and honor it. I like to state, “The objective of your material is not to get people to visit your site; it’s to get people to subscribe to it.”

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the process of using onsite and offsite strategies to assist get content presented by an online search engine. Succeeded, the practice increases the quantity and quality of your traffic.

Why is SEO essential?

The majority your of web traffic comes from search engines and those that come by way of search have a greater degree of business intent than most other channels.

What is regional SEO?

Regional SEO is the process of optimizing your online residential or commercial properties to generate traffic from location-based searches. It helps companies promote product or services to regional consumers when they require them.

What is native advertising?

Native marketing is a type of paid media where the ads fit the form of the platform where they’re put. While PPC and social networks advertisements technically certify as native marketing, much native advertising is posts released or promoted on editorial sites. Native marketing has grown progressively since (1) it’s not neglected like screen advertisements are and (2) it’s not filtered by advertisement blockers.


What is a buyer personality?

A purchaser persona is a representation of your ideal client based on market research and information. Personas usually consist of customer demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and objectives. They should expose insights about the purchasers’ decisions including mindsets, concerns, and requirements that drive buying choices.

What are keywords?

Keywords are the words and expressions searchers use– usually with search engines– to find appropriate pages, images, videos, or any kind of info when looking for responses, understanding, items, or services. We consider keywords and the topics we recommend when optimizing content for search.


What identifies search engine rankings?

This question is the source of limitless speculation and argument since search engine business such as Google will not address it. Experts typically concur rankings are based on significance and authority, however, the factors that identify them are lots of– and irregular. The very best method to attain a high search engine ranking is to produce among the most comprehensive web pages possible for a particular keyword or topic.

How do I get pointed out and connected to on other sites?

We implement various strategies to make mentions and connects. The 3 most respected are likely to be: (1) Secure opportunities to write visitor posts on influential blog sites (2) Create relationships with influencers in your market, and (3) Consistently create and promote content deserving of discusses and connects.

What is PPC?

PPC represents pay-per-click. Basically, it’s a method of buying web traffic. Marketers pay a fee each time your AD is clicked. Search engine marketing is the most popular type of PPC, nevertheless numerous channels consisting of Facebook now provide PPC ad models.

What is inbound marketing?

The response to this question should be committed HubSpot, the company accountable for inventing the term. “Inbound marketing is focused on drawing in customers through appropriate and practical content and adding worth at every stage in your consumer’s purchasing journey. Potential clients discover you through channels like blogs, search engines, and social media.”

Unlike outgoing marketing, incoming marketing does not require to fight for potential customers’ attention. By producing content created to deal with the issues and needs of your perfect clients, you draw in certified prospects and construct trust and reliability for your organization.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is software that manages marketing procedures and projects throughout several channels. It enhances list building, division, leads nurturing, leads scoring, measurement procedures and more.

A reliable marketing automation tool assists determine your audience, develop the best material, and instantly set off actions based on consumer behavior.

What is performance marketing?

Performance marketing concentrates on programs in which you pay for efficiency, that is, when specific actions such as clicks, leads or sales happen. The goal is to accomplish measurable conversions. Performance marketing campaigns take place in digital environments so it’s necessary to have precise tracking tools.

What is a marketing funnel?

A marketing funnel is a model that represents the phases of a buyer’s journey from the very first interaction with your brand to a purchase. The funnel metaphor matters due to the fact that it narrows as it advances, that is the likelihood of sales decreases at each phase of the funnel.

What is conversion rate optimization?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of increasing the portion of conversions from your digital home, usually a web page. CRO includes carrying out methods to improve the components on your site (or app) through screening. Relative to your marketing funnel, CRO focuses on moving potential customers to the next phase.

What is interactive material?

Interactive material calls for action (interaction) from the prospect beyond reading, listening or watching. In return, participants get real-time, personalize outcomes they care about. Activities such as addressing concerns guides prospects to particular results in that address their problems and obstacles.

Why is social networks crucial?

Chances are your audience is active on several of the significant socials media where billions of people hang around daily. Brand names that comprehend the power of social networks marketing and devote resources to it can improve awareness, drive traffic, communicate with consumers, drive sales, develop loyalty, and win advocates.

Which social media channels should I use?

Think about initially the top social channels in regards to active users: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Determine where your audience spends their time. Research the demographics and behavioral patterns of the users and consider the type of material you’ll share.

How can I control my brand on social networks?

Your brand is now in the hands of your audience. You can’t “control” what’s said about it. However you can join the discussions, reveal you appreciate your consumers leads and include worth.

Should social media be done specifically by the marketing department?

No. Given, you do not want to trigger a social media free-for-all that might confuse your audience. However, you should consider expanding your team with a worker advocacy program developed to empower workers to contribute to the discussion and magnify your brand’s voice.

What is individual branding?

Personal branding is the procedure of using online and offline tactics to market yourself separately as an expertly. Digital media has helped produce an emphasis on personal branding for all kinds of employing and purchase decisions.

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is a totally free deal you make in exchange for an email address (and perhaps additional information). The purpose is to influence prospects to join your email list by offering something of worth. Examples consist of an ebook, guide, report, evaluation, cheat sheet, tool, design template, webinar, course, or a voucher.

Should I buy an e-mail list to begin?

Only if you wish to waste your loan and get in the SPAM service. Most e-mail companies do not allow you to use purchased lists. You require to grow your e-mail naturally (see the lead magnet concern). A little list of genuine potential customers has more value than a large list of strangers.

What is lead nurturing?

Lead nurturing is marketing to potential customers– normally through email– to move them even more “down the funnel” and keep them included and engaged with your brand. Regularly communicating at key points during the sales procedure will inevitably improve conversion rates and drive sales.

Do I require an email newsletter?

It’s smart to send out regular updates your subscribers with news of brand-new content, new items (or improvements), occasions, etc. It’s not wise to expect your e-mail list to expand quickly just by using a newsletter.

Do we require video?

The reason online marketers enjoy video so much is online consumers like it. Over a billion hours of video are taken in on YouTube each day. Video is a versatile and interesting material format. It’s easy to share throughout several platforms. Mobile phones and digital modifying have made it far much easier to create video, so the potential for a high ROI is excellent.

What is a call to action?

A call to action (CTA) is a timely that advises the viewer to take a particular action. A call to action is generally composed as a command, such as “Buy Now.” In digital marketing, a CTA normally takes the kind of a button or link.

Do I need a professional copywriter?

If you want to do expert marketing you need a professional copywriter. The function of a copywriter is more important than ever in the content-driven digital media world. Well-written copy constructs brand names, connects with the reader and inspires action.


What does Google Analytics do for me?

Google Analytics is a complimentary website analytics platform that offers you insights into how users discover and use your site. With Google Analytics, you can easily track ROI for your online marketing and effort metrics to make educated decisions. The bulk of Google Analytics categorizes information into acquisition, habits and conversions.

For how long does it Take for results?

Paid digital marketing programs must produce outcomes instantly. On the other hand, approaches such as content marketing, e-mail list building, and search engine optimization need perseverance and patience. You may see some results in a matter of months; however, it’s likely to be six months to a year prior to you understand some of your traffic and conversion objectives.


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