Traditional marketing tactics like SEO and PPC advertising are rampant when it comes to strengthening business brands’ digital presence. Most entrepreneurs focus on these traditional marketing tactics. However, SEO and PPC advertising are not the only resources available. There are a lot of available tactics as well that can be just as, if not more, effective than SEO and PPC advertising. A lot of companies have already successfully shown their expertise while simultaneously finding and growing their audience through podcasting.

Other than just posting a new episode every week, podcasting can massively help with the brand’s growth in other ways. Podcasting can provide different options for driving growth for your brand if you work a little harder.

Learning how to utilize podcasting for your brand’s growth is not that difficult. However, it’s not that easy neither. Nevertheless, if you want to invest in your brand, continue reading the article, and here are five ways to skyrocket your brand’s growth with podcasting.

  1. Sponsor a podcast – Reaching your target audience doesn’t necessarily mean you have to create your podcast content. You don’t even have to be a guest or a producer. Podcasts earn a lot through affiliate marketing and sponsorships. When you sponsor a podcast, make sure that it has a place in your industry niche, if not, you will just throw your money away. A simple review or promotion of your brand’s product or service will suffice to improve your sales boost.
  2. Be a podcast guest – Even if you don’t have the resources to record, edit, and promote your podcast, you can still grow your audience by being a guest on a podcast. If you want to land an appearance, look for podcasts that regularly host guests.
  3. Utilize podcast directories – The most prominent directory for podcasts is iTunes/Apple Podcasts. However, it’s not always beneficial for growing your brand. Thankfully, there are other directories where you can submit your podcasts, such as Spotify and Google Play Music.
  4. Engage in a small amount of self-promotion – Encourage podcast listeners to sign up for your email list. You can even tell them that you will send exclusive content to those who sign up. Work on a little self-promotion from time to time.
  5. Repurpose podcasts to create additional content – Creating your podcast can feel daunting, especially when you already tried producing blogs and social media content. However, podcasts are a bit of a fertile ground for fueling your entire creation process for content.

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