The internet is a vast area for those who want to express themselves. In the early 21st century, businesses started to take the liberty of making themselves known on the internet. As such, a lot of people publish different kinds of content on blogs, social media platforms, and various forums. With the massive amount of posts, marketers are always in a fight with other competitors to produce more content.

According to a study by the Content Marketing Institute, the biggest challenge that most B2B marketers face is creating engaging content. Marketers overcome this challenge by diversifying their strategy and investing more resources in the best performing content types. Studies portray that visual content, especially videos, has become the most engaging form of online content so far.

Visual content not only outperforms written articles and blog content, but it also performs a lot better than any other type of content on social media.

When it comes to B2B or Business to Business brands, they use visual content differently than others; they utilize it more for their content marketing strategy. If you want to know how they do it, continue reading the article to unlock Five Creative Ways B2B Brands can use Visual Content Marketing

  1. Whiteboard Animation Videos – Whiteboard Animation Videos are proven effective tools for describing highly technical B2B products. You can use these animations to create long videos about the technical specifications and functions of your product without boring your customers and making them lose focus. One of the reasons why whiteboard videos work so well is that they can communicate a lot of information in a short time while entertaining your audience.
  2. Video Testimonials – Social media contains video testimonials. There are a lot more video testimonials compared to other types of B2B videos. Testimonial videos work so well due to the help they give for you to instantly build credibility and increase the perceived value of your brand.
  3. Screencasts for Product Tutorials – Screencasts are great for brands that cannot make high-quality videos due to certain limitations. Some brands also experiment with screencasts as to how much they can contribute to the improvement of the site. Screencasts are an easy solution for a team that’s camera shy.
  4. Animated GIFs for Blog Content – Making GIFS is a faster and cheaper way to add visuals to your content. Instead of screencasts, you can utilize GIFs for the same purpose. GIFs are much smaller in size and easier to create.
  5. Screenshots of Infographics – The easiest and most convenient way to use visuals in your blog content is by putting up screenshots of infographics. It gives you high-quality images for your articles without having to create them yourself.

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