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AlbaTech Internet Marketing Agency is a PPC Agency in Michigan, based in Metro Detroit. We specialize in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising and ad management.

We design and develop PPC campaigns that direct traffic, increase leads, and grow revenue for small and large businesses.

We are experts in creating marketing campaigns in Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and LinkedIn.

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66% of Visitors

click on Google Ads when they are looking for a service or product? 

Detroit PPC Firm​

AlbaTech can help businesses see a higher return on investment and faster. Our team of PPC experts based in Manhattan can help your business with the following:

  • Our Detroit based PPC team is experienced in creating an effective PPC strategy that is aligned with your goals and drives results.

Designing the right message that gets visitors to click is crucial. 

we create landing pages in such a way that influences the visitor to buy, ultimately increasing your conversion rates.

Google Shopping Ads are a highly effective way for retailers and eCommerce site owners to advertise their products on Google. Working with AlbaTech will help boost your brand, get the word out about your products to Detroit audiences.

After investing time and money on working with a PPC management company in Motown, you want to make sure that your marketing plans are paying off. Our team at Albatech provides all clients with proof of ROI through comprehensive reporting. 

“I love helping local Michigan Businesses with PPC marketing services”
Detroit SEO Expert Ervin AlbaTech
Ervin Kalaj
Detroit Paid Marketing (PPC) Expert

There are two parts of our PPC management cost structure:

    1. At the start of every Paid Advertising Campaign, we charge a one-time setup fee. The PPC setup fee varies on the amount of work needed to set up your campaign. For example, a nationwide Online Store with a PPC budget of $25,000 requires extensive research as opposed to a local Painting Company with a budget of $1,000. For an estimate, please contact us. 
    2. The monthly PPC management fee covers the work needed to run the campaign. Our monthly payments are based on your budget. We charge $500 or 15% or your monthly paid marketing budget, whichever is higher. 


The key to a successful PPC campaign is not to get the cheapest pricing, but to get the best value. $250 spent on a poorly managed campaign is $250 wasted, whereas $500 spent on a well-managed campaign will generate leads, online revenue and positive ROI.

PPC Campaign Audit

The campaign audit is an A-to-Z review of a current Google or Bing Ads account and any active campaigns. The audit reviews:

  • Google and Bing account settings
  • The structure of campaigns
  • The structure of ad groups
  • Keyword selection and strategy
  • Ad text
  • Landing pages
  • Tracking 

PPC Keyword Research

A critical step which covers:

  • Target audience 
  • Relevance
  • Geographic keyword selection
  • User intent
  • Negative keywords
  • Cost per click (CPC) analysis of individual keywords
  • Search volume for single keywords

Keyword research is complex and requires a great deal of skill and experience to perform correctly. Keyword research helps new PPC campaigns generate new leads fast. 

PPC Competitor Research

Your competition has a lot to offer, we analyze the data and put all of their best strategies to work for you. 

We use a variety of online tools to research:

  • Which keywords your competitors are targeting
  • Ad text competitors are using and testing
  • Landing Page layouts

Starting a PPC campaign without research is like jumping into the deep end of a pool without taking swimming lessons. Preparation is key to a successful PPC ​, and we have the data to ensure that your PPC campaign launches on a solid strategic foundation.

Business Goals

  • Determine the primary goal of your PPC campaign. Is it to drive sales leads, generate e-commerce revenue, create brand awareness, etc.?
  • Specify the products and services to promote.
  • Define the budget available for the campaign. 
  • Determine the priority of products and services based on budget.
  • Establish business metrics to evaluate results. Important items to define:
    • Cost-per-lead data for other online and offline marketing campaigns
    • The average value of a lead
    • The average cost of a sale
    • Lead-to-sale percentage
    • ROI 
  • Review competitor PPC strategy and tactics to establish benchmarks.
  • Set your geographic service areas.
  • Define offers and promotions for the campaign.
  • Analyze legal issues such as text usage restrictions, keyword usage restrictions, and copyright issues.


  • Determine how many keywords can be targeted, using average CPC data. You cannot spread a budget too thin, or your ads will go offline. 
  • Determine keyword match type. If your campaign budget is limited, using highly targeted, exact match keywords may be the winning strategy. With larger budgets, testing of broader match types may yield positive results.
  • Consider keyword intent. With larger budgets, campaigns should test more generalized keywords.
  • Consider ad scheduling. With a low budget, running ads during regular days or times may not be possible. 
  • Consider location targets. A smaller budget may support ads only in one state, whereas a larger one can comfortably cover a region or the entire U.S.


  • Can your keywords be grouped into different levels of conversion intent?
  • If so, with which groups will you start your campaign?
  • Can the campaign scale with these groups, or do you reach a ceiling?


  • Where are your customers and prospects located?
  • What areas can you service?
  • How are you going to target your campaign? Workable PPC options include international, national, regional, state, city, and zip code.
  • Do you need location-specific keywords, such as “Chicago carpet cleaning company”?


  • PPC develops over time because historical data feeds all future PPC marketing strategy decisions. 
  • If a keyword receives a lot of clicks but no conversions it needs to be paused


  • Always determine the goals of testing! The most important goals are almost always:
    • Increase CTR (clickthrough rate)
    • Increase CVR (conversion rate)
    • Decrease CPA (cost per acquisition)
    • Increase ROAS (return on ad spend)



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