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Scalable PPC marketing to improve your results.

AlbaTech is a top-rated Google Certified Partner. Our expert PPC team delivers exceptional results that can get your business phone ringing fast. Contact us today to find out what our PPC team can do for your business.

What we offer

Google Ads

Keyword and Competitor Research to evaluate search volume and recognize the best keywords to target

Facebook Ads

Facebook and Instagram ads to reach thousands of local customers. Quickly spread reach your target market with great ROI.

LinkedIn Ads

Reach professional audiences who need your services. LinkedIn advertising is a great way to get in front of decision makers.

What our clients says

AlbaTech has been managing our online presence since 2009. They have been able to focus on our client relations and have helped us grow our business every year. We get constant leads through our website. They have been a huge help and benefit to our business.
Owner, Giovanni Renovations NYC

Pricing Plans

Affordable and Scalable

Clear and transparent prices.

We charge a setup Fee between $500-$1000 depending on your Marketing budget, and $500 or 15% or your monthly paid marketing budget, whichever is higher. 

We can Mix your monthly allocated campaign budget with different platforms, based on your industry needs. 

Google Ads

This is just a sample campaign pricing for a $5,000 monthly budget.


$ 2,500

This is just a sample campaign pricing for a $2,500 monthly budget.

PPC advertising in Southfield

Let’s create a successful PPC Campaign Together.

PPC management needs tactical ability and mindful execution handled by professional PPC managers. From keyword research study and crucial A/B split screening, our expert PPC group continually improves your campaign.

If your PPC project isn’t meeting your expectations, chat with us to find why we’re the best PPC firm to increase your lead generation and earnings.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a much faster route to increasing site traffic and creating leads than SEO. In exchange for paying each time a visitor clicks your advertisement, PPC lets you leap to the head of the line on Google and Bing. With the best budget and strategy, you can acquire immediate high exposure for even the most rewarding and competitive keywords.

AlbaTech is a leading PPC management business, preserves extraordinary knowledge and skills in PPC project management. We help your company grow by producing determined, swift and affordable results.

When you deal with us, you get:

More Sales Leads and Online Revenue

It’s why most clients buy PPC in the very first location, but consistent campaign enhancement and professional tactical management are required to enhance click-throughs and conversions over time. Our expert group of PPC management experts understands how to accomplish this.

Better Sales Leads and Online Revenue

AlbaTech examines every campaign intending to reach an ever more pertinent target market, along with an ever-larger one. Better-quality click-throughs result in better sales leads and larger orders. Through continuous refinements in keyword selection, advertisement messaging, landing page content/design, and technical campaign management, we find better audience sectors.

High Campaign ROI

The effect of more PPC leads and much better PPC results in more sales and better bottom-line outcomes. We make our fees by producing profitable outcomes for clients.

SEO Insights

At AlbaTech, we utilize the results of PPC campaigns to reinforce your SEO projects. Pay Per Click provides beneficial keyword data, an understanding of the efficiency of different calls to action and advertising tips, and information about the demand for various customer items and services. SEO and PPC are effective Internet marketing tools by themselves, however when we marry them, we frequently see outcomes more significant than the amount of their parts.

Increased Sales Performance

We motivate our customers to keep their sales management groups wired into our PPC campaigns. This gives client sales departments important insight into which product or services are drawing attention, and which provides generate interest. Also, because we confirm PPC questions by listening and reading every type to every telephone call made by the project, we draw the client’s attention to high-quality leads, empowering them to take action while the leads are still warm.

Branding Benefits

PPC is an incredibly economical alternative for extending brand name awareness and structure brand credibility. Throughout our PPC projects, search engine users see the customer’s name repeatedly for search inquiries related to what it sells.
Pay Per Click projects provide our customers visibility over competitors on SERPs (search engine results pages) and prevent competitors from getting click-throughs on searches for your top quality terms. Although competitor campaigns (campaigns targeting another business’s branded terms) are not a good practice, many business engage in them, costing trustworthy companies like yours leads that ought to be pertaining to you.

AlbaTech is a leading PPC management company, keeps extraordinary understanding and skills in PPC project management. It’s why most clients invest in PPC in the first place, however consistent project improvement and expert tactical management are needed to improve click-throughs and conversions over time. The impact of more PPC leads and better PPC leads to more sales and better bottom-line outcomes. We motivate our clients to keep their sales management groups wired into our PPC campaigns. Throughout our PPC campaigns, search engine users see the customer’s name repeatedly for search queries related to what it offers.

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