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Google Algorithm Updates January 2019

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January 2019 Google Updates

In the past few weeks, there has been a lot of buzz about more possible Google algorithm updates.

Following the beginning of August Google’s ‘Medic Update’ has generated enormous waves across the health industry, with countless authoritative websites experiencing notable drops in rankings.

The algorithm update was designed to affect sites in the health niche. However, there have been numerous reports of other linked categories that have been altered such as fitness, travel, food, medical, travel, finance, and even local business rankings.

This is unlike various of the other Google algorithm updates we have seen before; there seems to be a lot less justification behind these vast search engine result changes.

Thanks to our unique tracking system we watch at here at AlbaTech, we have seen significant ranking changes across multiple different sites which gives us some great insights into these ranking changes, therefore allowing us to support our clients with the changes with much more confidence.

We study overall rankings for keywords across a website and conclude whether their average position has increased or worsened in Google.

Primarily now in January 2019, we’re getting numerous emails from people that have seen dropped Google traffic in recent weeks and months due to significant Google’s algorithm shifts, which has negatively hit many top sites.

google-algo-update-1024x361 (1)

In fact, as I’m writing this article, we received another very similar email about their rankings being affected.

Something to keep in mind: if these updates have changed your site, there are reported to be 500 to 600 Google algorithm updates every year.

There’s no surprise in seeing that “something has changed” and noticing your rankings and traffic be hit by it.

Something we always ask clients to keep in mind when it comes to overall search results, is whether you are the best result for a user searches?

Admittedly, there are things you can do to recover your rankings such as on-site SEO, being optimized for answer boxes, as well as building links to your website, but it’s also crucial to consider “What might Google be thinking.”

If your site design requires work, your user experience could be increased, or others produce better value to search users, that could mean the root of the problems you are encountering.

Something that people falsely think, is that a Google algorithm update may be something different, that is negatively affecting a site’s rankings.

As an example, one user very recently reached out to me concerning a potential negative SEO attack he had suffered on his well-being blog.

After carefully analyzing their website, it turned out to be a manual penalty for a schema markup that the website owner didn’t even notice.

If you have a website that has been negatively impacted by the latest Google Algorithm Updates, I’d love to look into it for you, please don’t hesitate to send me an email at [email protected]

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