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Local SEO Services to grow your business


Need More Local Sales? Your business needs Local SEO Services.

Did you know that 97% of consumers find local businesses through online searches? How about 82% of consumers use smartphones to find local services near them. ?

How can you connect with these potential customers? Answer: with local search engine optimization (SEO) from the best professional local SEO company in the Nation.

Think of local online marketing as a convenient phone book. Your business is placed precisely where the customer is searching when they need your services.

To be found in local search results, you need local SEO services and a solid local SEO strategy. Here’s how AlbaTech local search engine optimization agency can help your business grow:

  • Increase your website rankings in the local maps and organic local search results
  • Increase mobile visibility through citation building, customer reviews, images, directory citations, and social media channels
  • We verify your business with Google my business, Google Maps, Bing Places, and other navigation mobile applications.
  • Encourage your previous and current customers and clients to leave online reviews
  • Enrich your business information in all online directories

Local SEO Services Near Me

Search engines like Google and Bing have become very sophisticated and smart. When consumers are searching for specific products or services near them, they are shown local results first. This is also called “Local Intent“. Google has confirmed that more than 50% of total Google searches have local intent.

How does local intent searches impact your business? When we optimize your website for local rankings, you will receive more clicks and visitors to your website. More qualified website leads and visits directly translates into increased revenue for your business.

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Get Local For Your Business

Why AlbaTech

Trust AlbaTech as your local SEO service provider: we’ve helped companies large and small improve their local online profile and increase rankings in the local pack. 


“I love helping Businesses with local SEO services”
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“Hey Google, How many voice search results come from Featured Snippets?” The answer: About 80%. If it’s not your site, it’s your competitors.

Smartphones have far surpassed other devices for local business searches.

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Features & Benefits

How Local SEO Services Help Your Business Grow

Here are some benefits of hiring AlbaTech SEO company for your local SEO services:


Increase Online Visibility

When we optimize your website for local SEO we increase is page rankings and search visibility. 

97% of consumers go online to search for local services and 95% will settle for a company on the first page of google results. 


Increase Web Traffic

Getting random website visits from people outside of your services area is useless for your business. 

With local search engine optimization, you increase traffic from potential customers in your specific service area, which means you’ll get a higher conversion ration.


Localized user experience

Costumers today expect hyper-personalized online experiences.

Google has stated that it prioritizes local first relevant results. 


Stand out from the Crowd

According to Google, less then 50% of businesses have claimed their local business on Google My Business (GMB) page. 

When we optimize your website and GMB page, we help you get ahead of your competition and establish authority in your field. 



It’s crucial to make sure your business specifies the location of services. Our local search ranking understanding deliver with these techniques.

Local Search Optimization

We ensure your website is optimized for local target market. Your website is structured with local schema markup, NAP citations, and local keywords to help search engines understand your intent.

Local Maps Optimization

In order for any business to succeed locally with online marketing is to be found on Google and Bing maps. We start your maps optimization by making sure you have full access to your Google My business and Bang Places pages. We will complete your full profiles, encourage reviews, add images, and submit your business to industry directories.

Google Posts

We work with you to develop creative content to inform your local audience through google posts. We can help you post various specials and discounts that costumers can take advantage and establish your authority.

local seo services sample dashboard
albatech local services dashboard

Local Citations and Link Building

Local citations industry related business citations help you look more relatable and authoritative. Getting all Nap Citations correct helps you get an upper hand with your competitors. 

Industry Citations

Reputable industry citations. One of the most important components of Google’s local ranking algorithm are business listing citations. We build/standardize citations from well-established and authoritative portals (i.e., Yelp, Yellowpages, etc).


One of the best ways to show Google And Bing search engines your website structure is by submitting your site map. Think of the sitemap as the blueprints for your website. Search engines will understand your site and industry better.

Outreach and Collaboration

Submitting your website to industry related directories helps create authority in the eyes of search engine robots. Links from these directories assure Google that you're an expert in your industry. Think of it as referral to the search engines, as if they're vouching for you.

Custom Reporting

Without measuring and seeing what’s working you can’t achieve results. It’s like setting sail without a destination in mind.

Keyword Rank Trancking

We track your keywords to see status and improvement over time. These keywords allows to find gaps in your market and improve customer relations and targeting. We offer monthly reports for your most profitable keywords.

Link and Citation Reporting

Keeping track of links and citations is crucial for a successful local marketing campaign . We show you backlink statistics on a monthly report, with easy to understand descriptions.

Custom Dashboard

If you'd like to view your local marketing efforts often we offer a custom dashboard for our clients. Our dashboard integrates with google Search Console and Analytics for accurate tracking.

Clear and easy


Local SEO marketing has various parts to keep track. With our reporting we make it easy for you to understand what we’re tracking and what it means for your business growth. 

  • Google Search Console and Analytics Tracking and Reporting/Performance
  • Phone Calls received
  • Asked for directions
  • Competition Tracking
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Visibility trends
  • Average Position Tracking
  • Local Snack Pack tracking and reporting
  • Organic traffic reporting
  • On-Page SEO analyzer
  • Which pages are performing better 
  • and much more…
local seo services sample dashboard


Here’s a list of frequently asked questions about local search optimization. 

Simply put, Local search engine optimization is when we fully optimize your website for your desired target market. This process invonvles combining a few processe like claiming Google My Business pages, building local citations, technical SEO, On-Page SEO, keyword research etc…

Local SEO is a powerful tool to ensure your business’ success by generating local leads through online channels. 

Contact us and you’re on the right path. 

Ensure you rank better in search engine results and you will increase your local revenue. 

If you’re not showing up on page one of google results and map searches, than you simply don’t exist online!

Google algorithms change and grows smarter continually. Even though it’s impossible to guarantee  a specific spot (such as first ranking), we take pride on producing results. 

What we guarantee is that we will optimize your business listing online and put your in front of your target audience. Results vary on how competitive your industry is, but you will see notable results in as little as two months. 

We’ve been doing internet marketing since 2006 and know the ins and outs of the industry. 

We specialize in small and medium local business, because we run our a few of our own businesses online and locally. 

Our team loves what they do, and are experts in their respective fields. 

We understand budget constraints and deliver results surpassing expectations every-time. 

Local Marketing campaign costs varies based on a few factors: how many keywords we will be tracking, industry competitiveness, business location, business goals, and business expectations. AlbaTech local SEO services offers cost effective solutions to meet your budget.

We design our marketing campaigns to deliver real results and meet the budget. 

Local SEO is a long term strategy, however we start working full gear on our projects from day 1. 

Typically takes between three to six months for competitive industries to see real movement in search rankings.

We see notable results within two months for lower competition businesses. 

Depends on how old your website is, and what technology your site is built on. 

Typically we like working with WordPress web design because they’re faster and SEO friendly. These websites need periodic updates to make sure they perform optimally and are secure. 


You already know about local SEO, but what is on-page SEO?

SEO as a strategy has many different moving parts. There is the overarching term “SEO,” or search engine optimization, on-page and off-page SEO, and local SEO.

On-page and off-page SEO are both subcategories of the main strategy that help your campaign reach its potential.

Just like local SEO has its own unique techniques, on-page SEO does as well. Here are a few on-page SEO tactics that help your local business rank higher in search results:

  • Keyword optimization: As we mentioned before, keyword research is extremely important to any business. It helps you rank for terms that mean the most to your company, which helps you get more customers into your store. The process of on-page SEO ensures that you have a lot of important, relevant keywords on your site pages.
  • Beneficial, informative content: As you may have heard, content is king — and it’s very true. Without content, your website pages won’t be able to rank because there’s nothing to rank. The creation and implementation of beneficial, informative content give Google something to serve on results pages, and you’ll rank highly if you follow SEO best practices.
  • Interesting page titles that include your target keyword: When you rank in results pages, one of the first things users will see is the title tag you’ve created for your page. If your title tag doesn’t include your keyword, is boring, and doesn’t capture the attention of users, it’s unlikely that you’ll get clicks to your website.
  • Including alt tags on all of your photos: Google is smart, but not smart enough to see your images and determine what they are. That’s where alt tags come in. Alt tags are short descriptions of your images that Google can read, and they rely on them to tell them what the photo is and determine if it’s a relevant addition to the page. Without alt tags, photos on your page are essentially blank to Google.
  • Regular content updates: If you want Google to consistently have new pages to rank, consistently updating your content is one of the best ways to stay at the top of search results. Google loves fresh content, so content strategies like including a blog on your website are extremely beneficial.


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