11 Strategy Tips for Social Media Marketing for 2020

Social media marketing is one of the significant sources when it comes to digital marketing. Statista.com states that the worldwide social network users in 2018 were 2.62 billion, and it will grow to 3 billion in 2021. These numbers are staggering and include users of all social media platforms.

Now, it gives us a clear idea of how social media platforms are struggling to increase their users. Every social media platform is updating their services according to their UX.

The social media platforms help #businesses to engage their users and promote their products & services. Your brand matters and social media is an incredible way to grow.

Now let’s discuss tips to market your business in 2019 with the help of social media.

social media strategies for 2020

1. Engaging with Influencers

Brands become popular with consumers through social media influencers. Once consumers see their idols use, eat, or wear your brand (whichever the purpose of your products are), they will see how great your brand is and will want to buy the same products that the influencers have.

2. Write compelling content

Another way to capture the attention of possible customers is by writing compelling content. When people see something interesting, they’ll stop to check it out, and once you capture their attention, it’ll be hard for them to leave.

3. Video Marketing

Sometimes written content isn’t enough for some users; they want to receive entertainment. Some people, even though they get entranced by excellent content, choose to scroll down or close the tab since they feel less excited about it; that’s where videos come in. Video Marketing is a way to capture more audience and generate more traffic to your brand’s website, most notably when the content is exciting, and the video graphics are amazing.

4. Research Quora Answers

People often go to blog posts and fora to get their queries answered; this is taken as a significant advantage by businesses. Answers provided by discussions such as Quora will enable brands to come up with ways to get their target audience’s attention.

5. Use the correct hashtags

Notice what happens when you tap or click on a hashtag, it will lead you to a page where all the posts with the same hashtags are located. Look into which hashtags are associated with your brand and your products so you can use them, so when people take a look on the page with the same hashtags as yours, you’ll generate more traffic to your site and get your brand popular.

6. Include Paid Advertising

Consider getting into PPC and other forms of paid advertising such as ads on youtube and sponsored posts on Instagram and Facebook; this may seem like an expense at first, but if you think about it from a long-term perspective, it’s an investment.

7. Follow and Study your Competition

As the saying goes, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” Although you shouldn’t consider your competition as enemies since you’ll be learning a lot from them. You’ll be able to pick up a few strategies, and if you tweak it, you’ll be able to get your brand to keep up with the competition.

8. Reputation Management

When you get your brand’s popularity rise, you shouldn’t be contented with it starting to rise; you should keep it that way. In any business, a rising reputation chart is always better than a fluctuating one, unless you ought to keep it that way. Keep the brand’s reputation at its finest, monitor your customer service, product or service quality, and so on. It’s essential to let the people you still care even if you’re already famous.

9. Provide Exclusivity

We all know that we want to feel special, that’s why you should provide exclusivity to your customers. Get your customers going and check-out their carts on your website when you offer exclusive discounts and promos.

10. Have a solid website

Even if your brand is famous, has a lot of social media influencers on board maintains its reputation, once your site is below average, it would most probably drive people away from continuing any business they planned with your brand. Hire professionals if you don’t already have a team working on your website. Make sure it’s exciting, appealing, and it has all the answers to the possible questions your future customer may have.

11. Adopt trends early

“The early bird gets the worm,” I don’t know how much more true this saying can get. In any situation, it’s always best to be early. Not only will you beat the competition by going in first, but you’ll learn a lot more at a fast pace than them since you already familiarized yourself with that idea.

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