Text Message Marketing Best Methods


Marketing on the internet is excellent, but it’s not always the best option. Most people have access to computers, laptops, tablets, and the likes. You could easily tap those netizens and spread the word about promoting your business, but what about those who don’t have access to these gadgets? Another way to market your business would be via SMS or Short Message Service Marketing. 

WAIT! Before you leave this webpage and go on to your team about how SMS Marketing is the next best thing, it would be wise to read the whole article first, don’t you think so?


Here are the 10 SMS Marketing BEST PRACTICES for small businesses, and without further ado:


1. Offer a TEXT ONLY Deal

Give out exclusive deals! If there’s anything that customers would buy, it would be something that makes them feel special! Offer a TEXT ONLY Deal and fish out those who you can reach via SMS to gain more customers.


2. Write CLEARLY

Nothing frustrates people more than confusing instructions. Make sure that when you send out messages, it shouldn’t give out any confusion.



Set up a good CTA that will secure deals with potential customers.


4. Use the Available PLATFORMS

When you take advantage of SMS Marketing, make sure to use the available platforms. There’s no use for looking at platforms that aren’t there; you’d be wasting time and energy. So, make sure to use the available platforms and maximize them to their most efficient level.


5. TIME Your Texts

It’s of utmost importance that when you send texts to people, it won’t be at a time that you will disturb them, that will only give you more problems rather than opportunities. Of course, we aren’t capable of predicting which time would disrupt them since we all live different lives. One thing for sure is that when you text someone, it shouldn’t be around 3 am, now that will disturb someone.


6. CUSTOMIZE for Each Client

As time passes by, you garner information about your clients; it’s best to customize your messages for each client depending on their personality and preferences. 


7. Don’t Forget BOOMERS

“Good day; this message was sent to inform you that you have were chosen for an exclusive deal…..”

“Good day! This message was sent to inform you that WE CHOSE YOU TO ENJOY AN EXCLUSIVE DEAL….”


Do you notice any difference? There’s a vast difference, isn’t there, that’s because of BOOMERS. They are important keywords in a text that will get your clients jumping for joy.


8. WATCH Your Inbox

Sending out text after text isn’t enough. Take a lookout on your inbox for any replies from clients that you texted.



When you customize your texts to your clients, it’s inevitable to get personal with them. Take your time to know more about them that’ll be easier for both you and your client to negotiate whatever you’re selling or offering to him/her


10. Add VALUE

Last, but not least, add value to what you’re offering. It may not be monetary or more quantity or better quality, but try adding value to the emotional side. It’s your choice whether how you can add value to what you’re offering, but the more valuable it is to the eyes of the beholder, the more they want to grab it.

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