Why your business Needs PPC Marketing

One of the most effective and common ways of online marketing has invaded the internet with outstanding results, and this method is called PPC.

PPC, also known as pay per click or search engine marketing, is one of the proven best ways for a small business to get fast search result traffic or for big business to generate even a more massive amount of traffic to their site.

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Search Engine Optimization is also proven to bring higher traffic to a site, but it may take quite a long time before getting the desired results. Reaching the high rank on a search engine will take weeks, or month,s or maybe even years. PPC advertising can get you to your top placement in a matter of days, or perhaps even within the day, with the help of Google AdWords.



To further understand what PPC is, it’s a marketing strategy that charges advertisers every time their ads receive a click. If you’ll think about it in another way, it’s like purchasing the visits your website gets. However, it is more expensive compared to getting visits from natural traffic, but it’s a lot easier.


Before getting too excited and searching in Google, “I WANT TO BOOST MY BUSINESS WITH PPC!” You have to first understand how the strategy works. Fortunately for you, this article doesn’t only discuss how PPC helps businesses, but also how it works, so sit back and relax because this article will help you through it all.

Generating Traffic

We have to understand what Google Ads are first since it’s the one responsible for generating traffic to a website when a business uses the PPC strategy.

Google Ads is formerly known as AdWords. It’s single, most popular PPC advertising system in the globe; it enables businesses to create ads that appear on Google’s search engine and other Google priorities.

Whenever someone enters in the search box a word or phrase, Google decides which ads will be displayed. The choices that Google makes depends on the relevance of the ad and landing page to the search, the cost-per-click bid on the keywords searched, and Ad Rank. Google will display up to four search results at the top of the page. If the ad is displayed and a netizen clicks on it, the ad takes the netizen to the page on your site, and you pay the amount you bid on the keyword.

Pay-per-click is really easy and very beneficial to small businesses since it will generate a quick return on investment or ROI.

Some of the benefits that PPC will give you are as follows:

  1. Pay-per-click will get your business fast results compared to SEO.
  2. Even if your ads don’t get any clicks, it will still get publicity, thus gaining brand recognition.
  3. According to Google, companies make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Adwords, so it’s a high return on investment.


There you have it, your one-stop guide in understanding PPC. Now, why are you still here? Get out there and start making money for your business.